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Music From The Canary Island Of Lanzarote

From The Beautiful Island
Canary Islands
On this page you will find impressions composed on the island of Lanzarote
or inspired by the volcanic landscape of Lanzarote.
Come with me on a trip to the plutonic energy of
lava fields, caves and volcanos in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean.

Stream the playlist with music from Lanzarote for FREE:
Cueva - cave music from Lanzarote by Dreamflute Dorothée Fröller
Mystic Music From A Beautiful Island
Lanzarote is a volcanic island.
This album brings you into the energy of the volcanic island of Lanzarote.
Feel the sea, the wind and the volcanic earth with it's caves and mountains.
This music is a journey to the Canary Island of Lanzarote.
Lanzarote - Musik von Dreamflute Dorothée Fröller
Mystic Music From A Cave In Lanzarote
from a Lava cave in Lanzarote. Soft healing cave music. Soft healing relaxing music with flute, table harp, singing bowls, didgeridoo and orchestra sounds.

The 444 Hz Frequency means that the note A is tuned in 444 Hz instead of 440 Hz. This represents the Frequency of Love and it is in tune with the Moses Code Frequency connecting us with the Divine. The Moses Code Tuning Forks are included in the pieces of music. Because of this the music is having a healing and harmonizing effect, especially if you listen to it with good ear phones.
The flute is recorded LIVE in the cave.
Track 3 "Lava Cave" and 7 "Olivinas" are played with the Big Table Harp of Franz Bauer.

Follow me deep into a beautiful cave in Lanzarote, into my meditation cave.
A soothing cave meditation which is bringing us into oneness with Love and harmony and into a state of inner peace.
Cueva - Entspannungsmusik aus einer Höhle
More albums inspired by the island of Lanzarote:

Earth Energies
174 Hz Foundation Frequency

Solfeggio 174 Hz by Dreamflute Dorothée Fröller
Healing Music
From The Orbs
Orbs Meditationsmusik, heilende Musik
Free Streaming Relaxing Music
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