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World Music: Relaxing Meditation Music With Native American Flute, Sitar

Download: Entspannungsmusik von Dreamflute Dorothée Fröller

World Music
Music with various flutes of the world:

Shakuhachi / Bansuri / Chinese Xiao

Native American Flute  

Indian Sitar Music

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Spotify Playlist - Native American Flute

World Flutes Chanting For Peace
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Beautiful soft flute music played on different flutes of the world accompanied by various instruments and orchestra is guiding us into peace within our soul. World Peace starts within our hearts, and music is a language being understood all over the world. Feel deep inner peace with the sound of the Native American Flute, Chinese Di Zhe, Alto Flute, Flute, Japanese Shakuhachi, Indian Bansuri and Chinese Xiao. May this enchanting music bring love and peace into this world. This music is inspired by the St. Francis Prayer and wants to transmit this frequency into the world.

Relaxing Meditation Music with various Flutes of the world

Mother Earth - Relaxing Trance Music
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Relaxing Trance Music that helps us to connect with the soul of Mother Earth. The volcanic island Lanzarote, Canary Islands gave me the inspiration for this music.

I dedicate this CD to my beloved island Lanzarote where I can feel Mother Earth so deeply with her elements water, fire, earth and winds.
Relaxing Trance Music

Madre Tierra
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Madre Tierra is connecting our soul with Mother Earth. The lovely sound of the Native American Flute combined with the floating sound of the Sitar is bringing us into a state of deep relaxation and dreaming.

Meditative Native American Flute Music

Shamanic Native American Drum- And Flute Music
Beautiful relaxing Trance music
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Shamanic Native American Meditation Music

Shamanic World Travel
Spotify / iTunes / / You Tube Music

Magic Rhythms and Ritual Sounds from cultures around the world.

Shamanic Meditation Music

Dream Catcher
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Relaxing Hypnotic Shamanic Native American Flute Music

Hypnotic Native American Meditation Music

Indian Sitar Music
played by
Jürgen Fröller

Taj Mahal
Dreammusik SHOP

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Wonderful enchanting exotic music for relaxation.

Beautiful soft exotic relaxing wellness music with full orchestra and the mystic sound of Jürgen Fröller's Sitar and sweet Bansuri and Flutes played by Dreamflute Dorothée Froller.
Relaxing Sitar and Flute Music

Lake Of Harmony
Spotify / iTunes / / You Tube Music

Soft music for relaxation and healing for flutes, sitar and soft keyboards.

Relaxing Music
Dreamflute Dorothée Fröller and Jürgen Fröller in concert
Meditation Music by Dreamflute Dorothée Fröller
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