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Relaxing Music, Music for Wellness- and Spa

Download: Entspannungsmusik von Dreamflute Dorothée Fröller

Relaxing Music
Music For Wellness
and Spa For Download
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Meditation Music - Great Whale Spirit Flute
Watch this beautiful video with the music "Lanzarote Moon" from the album LUNA played on the Great Whale Spirit Flute.
Wellness Music
Lanzarote - music by Dreamflute Dorothée Fröller
Mystic Music From A Beautiful Island
Lanzarote is a volcanic island.
This album brings you into the energy of the volcanic island of Lanzarote.
Feel the sea, the wind and the volcanic earth with it's caves and mountains.
This music is a journey to the Canary Island of Lanzarote.
Soft Relaxing Music For Dreaming
Soft relaxing music for dreaming: Enjoy the beauty of a night with full moon and listen to this magic music
Lanzarote Moon & Whales In The Moon Night played on the Great Whale Spirit Flute
Soft Relaxing Music For Dreaming
Qi Gong - Meditative Relaxing Music

Qi Gong

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Beautiful relaxing music for Qi Gong and Meditation
The beautiful and magic sound of the Chinese Xiao Flute played by Dreamflute Dorothée Fröller, combined with orchestras, Chinese Gu Zhang and Caisa played by Jürgen Fröller, will bring you into a deep meditative and relaxed condition that allows the breath of life to flow and Chi energy to circulate in the body. You can practice Qi Gong with this music or just lay down and enjoy the beautiful sound.

Joyful Relaxing Music by Dreamflute Dorothée Fröller
Music For Inner Joy And Happiness
Feel the joy in your heart and feel free .... this is the message of this relaxing joyful music. Like the blossoms and flowers in Spring are blooming life energy is within our heart and makes us dance and sing. Music for happiness and the feeling of the joy in life - Bliss.
Relaxing Yoga Music

Relaxing Meditation Music
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Deep relaxing trance music for yoga practice. The instruments being rich in harmonics help you to reach a meditative state for letting go and allowing the life energy to flow. Instruments: Tibetan Bowls, Flutes, Sitar, Tampura, Monochords and orchestra.

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Music For A Better World
Beautiful relaxing and harmonizing music for love, light and peace in this world. Make this world a paradise! Find inner peace! Practice loving kindness loving life and all beings unconditionally. May this music bring love and peace into this world. Paradise is within you. It is always there. Find it ....

Paradise - beautiful relaxing music
Thank you - Relaxing Meditation Music

Thank You

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Beautiful relaxing Music for a Joyful Heart
Joyful relaxing music for feeling good and happy. Saying "Thank You" to Creation, Mother Earth and Love.
Instruments: Flute, Native American Flute, Chinese Xiao Flute, Sitar, Erhu, Drums, Piano, Caisa, Harp, Tibetan Singing Bowls, orchestra. Sitar played by Jürgen Fröller.

Dreamflute / Spotify / iTunes

Beautiful relaxing flute music for feeling good and well-being. Dream along with this music!

Dreamflute - Beautiful Relaxing Music
Beautiful Music For Well-Being

Sounds For The Soul / Spotify / iTunes

Beautiful music for well - being. Enjoy this uplifting spirit of sound and allow it to brighten the mood of your soul.

In Balance

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Beautiful music for harmonizing body and soul
Beautiful relaxing music for the balance of body and soul. The instruments are rich of overtones (Flute, Native American Flute, Xiao Flute,Tibetan Bowls, Harp, Piano, Duduk, Monochord, orchestra sounds..) and guide you into a state of deep peaceful relaxation. Relax and let go.
This music is perfect for therapists and massage practice, also for sauna and to release fear and panic, for the well being of body and soul

Relaxing Music
Harmonizing Music For Soul, Mind And Body


Dreammusik Shop / Spotify / iTunes

Music For The Harmony Of Soul, Mind And Body
This music is balancing yin and yang within bringing us into deep peace and harmony. Enjoy the full sound of nature instruments like various flutes, didgeridoos, harps together with full orchestras.

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Beautiful Angelic Music
Feel the Presence of the Angels while listening to this music and allow the vibration to fill your aura with Love and Peace.
Instruments: Flutes, Piano, Duduk, Singing Bowls, Harps, Orchestra, Percussion.

Angels - Spiritual Relaxing Meditation Music
Buddha - Relaxing Meditation Music

Buddha Sound Meditation

Dreammusik Shop / Spotify / iTunes
Soft relaxing music for meditation. Soft music that helps you to find inner peace, love and compassion. This music is rich on overtones and brings you into a state of deep relaxation and peace. Music for going inside and finding the Inner Buddha.

Instruments: Overtone voices, flutes, caisa, singing bowls, gongs, percussion, orchestra.

Relaxing Sitar Music by Jürgen Fröller for Meditation

Taj Mahal

Dreammusik Shop / Spotify / iTunes

Beautiful soft exotic relaxing wellness music with full orchestra and the mystic sound of Jürgen Fröller's Sitar and sweet Bansuri and Flutes played by Dreamflute Dorothée Froller. This music could be a perfectl background music for nature and travel videos and films.
Jürgen Fröller: Sitar
Dreamflute Dorothée Fröller: Bansuri, Flute, Arrangement

Summer Trance Feeling

Dreammusik Shop / Spotify / iTunes

Rhythmical relaxing music for meditative dancing, gymnastics, movements, or just for dreaming away and letting go. Instruments: flute, caisa, sitar, orchestra, drums and percussions.
Sitar and Caisa: Jürgen Fröller

Rhythmical Relaxing Trance Music
Meditative Music For Well-Being

In Balance / Spotify / iTunes

Meditative relaxing music for well-being
This relaxing music integrates contemplative music with nature sounds. Inner Peace will connect you with eternal space ..... just fly away!

Healing Relaxing Music

Sound Massage / Spotify / iTunes

Healing relaxing sounds for letting go and balancing the chakras.

Beautiful Relaxing Music

Slowing Down / Spotify / iTunes

Beautiful relaxing music for slowing down and letting go ...

Dream Catcher / Spotify / iTunes

Beautiful mystic meditative Native American music for relaxing and good dreams...

Hypnotic Shamanic Native American Flute Music

Nature Dreams / Spotify / iTunes

The beautiful and soft sounds of the alto flute and flute together with the Chinese Gu Zheng, Tibetan Singing Bowls, Strings, Monochords and Nature Sounds will guide us into a state of deep relaxation. They will invite us to a journey to ploaces of power in nature where you can release stress and relax. Just dream away!

Relaxing Music with Nature Sounds
Music For Relaxation

Inner Peace / Spotify / iTunes

Beautiful soft music for flute, sitar and keyboards for relaxation and letting go.

Soft Relaxing Music with Sitar and Flutes

Lake Of Harmony / Spotify / iTunes

Soft music for relaxation and healing for flutes, sitar and soft keyboards.
Sitar: Jürgen Fröller

Joy Of Life / Spotify / iTunes

A sound Journey around the world with wonderful relaxing music. We will travel to different countries and landscapes. Just close your eyes and let go. Harmonizing music for flute, Tibetan Bowls, gongs, sitar and soft keyboards.
Sitar: Jürgen Fröller

Relaxing Music for Spring
Relaxing Christmas Music

Christmas - Peaceful Relaxing Music / Spotify / iTunes

Peaceful Relaxing Christmas Music
Beautiful relaxing music for a wonderful peaceful and calm Christmas Season. May there be peace on earth ...

Spiritual Relaxing Christmas Music

Christmas Meditation / Spotify / iTunes

Christ is born tonight - deep in your soul. The Angels are coming ... a beautiful and meditative Christmas piece for voice, flutes, Tibetan Bowls , bells and soft strings. Have a wonderful and peaceful Christmas!

Meditative Relaxing Music for Quantum Healing

Quantum Heart - Oneness With Love

Dreammusik Shop / Spotify / iTunes

Healing Music for Meditation
Beautiful relaxing music with flute, Native American Flutes, Xiao Flute, Shakuhachi, Caisa, Singing Bowls, Harps, Piano, Orchestra and Percussion. This relaxing music is rich in overtones and helps you to connect to the Quantum Heart, the place where we are all ONE, one with Creation, one with Mother Earth, one with all Beings. Open your heart while listening to the music and allow the frequencies to fill your aura. May there be Peace and Love for everybody.

Shamanic Crystal Healing

Dreammusik Shop / Spotify / iTunes

Shamanic Meditation Music
Follow your Inner Flute and release everything into the sound of the Tibetan Singing Bowls. Soft meditation music for soul cleaning.

Shamanic Meditation Music

Relaxing Music During Dental Treatment / Spotify / iTunes

Travel away with the sound of this relaxing music and feel relaxed during dental treatment.

Relaxing Stress Releasing Music
Relaxing Music For Car Driving

Relaxed Car Driving / Spotify / iTunes

Relaxing and harmonizing music with elements from classical music, Jazz and World music for a good and concentrated car drive.
Music by Dreamflute Dorothée Fröller
Sitar: Jürgen Fröller

Meditation Music by Dreamflute Dorothée Fröller
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